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Tiger Prawns!

Last June, I had an opportunity to accompanied my cousin in their Fish pond located at Tuban, Sta.Cruz. We arrive there very much exciting and knowing that there are more fun coming to

At that night, we were waiting for the shrimps that will be flushed from the fish ponds. We were very excited on what will be the outcome so we waited and puffing some cigarettes in the cold night. After half an hour of waiting we finally came to end our waiting. Wow! it was very surprising to see that there are tiger prawns inside the fish net.hehe..take a look.

“We have four tiger prawns in the plate.”

“This one is the largest.”

“The tiger prawns caught with the shrimps in the fish net.”

“Tiger prawns compared to ordinary shrimps.”

“Cooking it is the best thing to do! hehe..yum-yum.”

“Ready to eat.”

“The taste is so good and yummy!”

It taste so good that the whole night without sleeping will made a great reward. Well, it was just a start of something to happen so after this we were a lot more excited because the night after this the fish pond was harvested and we all end up tired!

We were all tired but the experienced was worth remembering!