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Boston Celtics wins 2008 NBA championship

The Boston Celtics have won their 17th championship in their franchise history after beating the L.A. Lakers in the game 6 of their best of 7 games in the NBA finals. Boston finished the best of 7 in their homecourt with a tragic rally of points, pouring every points to end the campaign of L.A. Lakers to force a game 7.

Paul Pierce was awarded as the finals MVP having an average of 22pts per game. Very awesome achievement for the Boston Celtics. Their team really deserve to win such a championship like this, having a difficult playoff games with Atlanta Hawks and Cleveland Cavaliers that both ended in the game 7 deciding encounter.

For the L.A. Lakers, there’s a lot more to come. Having Kobe Bryant as the leagues MVP, surely next season this team will rise to top with anger and revenge.

Anyway, If any of this team wins the NBA championship they must be deserving. All the efforts from their post season games have really pay off for reaching the top of the NBA. Both teams showed great inspiration, courage, determination, patience, focus and most of all a “Sportsmanship” that will serve and will provide a good example to every athlete!

See you next season…


Lakers or Celtics?

It’s hard to imagine that both of these teams have meet again. These two teams have a rich nba history to trace back. The Celtics franchise won 16 nba titles while the Lakers won 14 nba titles. In this years encounter, it would be a rematch from a long time ago when this two teams have meet each other 21 years ago, that was 1987 when the lakers win it in a 4-2 series. Magic Johnson was named MVP at that series.

Celtics lead the series now after beating Lakers in game 1 in a score of 98 – 88. The Celtics survive game 1 playing for their homecourt. For the Lakers, It was only game 1 and there are 6 more games left for the finals. We will watch out on game 2 if what would be the adjustments coming from the Lakers camp.

So, who’s gonna win? whats your prediction? Is it Lakers? or Celtics who is hungry for a championship title?!