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Tiger Prawns!

Last June, I had an opportunity to accompanied my cousin in their Fish pond located at Tuban, Sta.Cruz. We arrive there very much exciting and knowing that there are more fun coming to

At that night, we were waiting for the shrimps that will be flushed from the fish ponds. We were very excited on what will be the outcome so we waited and puffing some cigarettes in the cold night. After half an hour of waiting we finally came to end our waiting. Wow! it was very surprising to see that there are tiger prawns inside the fish net.hehe..take a look.

“We have four tiger prawns in the plate.”

“This one is the largest.”

“The tiger prawns caught with the shrimps in the fish net.”

“Tiger prawns compared to ordinary shrimps.”

“Cooking it is the best thing to do! hehe..yum-yum.”

“Ready to eat.”

“The taste is so good and yummy!”

It taste so good that the whole night without sleeping will made a great reward. Well, it was just a start of something to happen so after this we were a lot more excited because the night after this the fish pond was harvested and we all end up tired!

We were all tired but the experienced was worth remembering!



  Joy Burlinson wrote @

Wow nice prawn, one of my seafood favorite.. Anyway, care to ex link? Please let me know ok.. thank you.

Here’s my 2 sites

  anneV wrote @

i love tiger prawns! they are so delicious! i will surely eat those when i go home to the philippines. yummy!

  mahardika wrote @

Woowww.. yummy… 😀

  Jan wrote @

sure, very much ok for Xlinks…. Add me first and let me know if u done adding me and I’ll do the same….Tnx

  Lavern wrote @

I also like sea foods!
You requested for an exchange link and already added you. Hope you’ll do the same…

  sarapras wrote @

linked u as me too and buzz me…

  Jan wrote @

done adding u…. tnx for the Add too! hope to see you more often in my page….TC

  Jean Chia wrote @

wow, those are big prawns!! yummy!

  mahardika wrote @

I have added ur link on my blog (on blog keren).. add my link soon.. if u done adding me, leave a message on my chat box. Thank u..

  Zara wrote @

I am too hungry now!

After all, my last meal was my lunch and I missed my dinner.


Want some!

  Tink *~*~* wrote @

The shrimp look delicious! There are crawdads in the pond behind my house, but I don’t think we want to eat them, since the purpose of the pond is to collect storm drainage… who knows what else ends up in that pond! =8^0

Tink *~*~*
My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

  hannah wrote @

mom.. i didnt even know there are diff kinds of prawns.. hehe.. thanks for the info 🙂

  Shiela wrote @

prawns are my all-time favorite seafood, really now i’m salivating LOL

  Shiela wrote @

sure i’d like to exchange links w/ u, I’ve added u to my cool linkz, come check it out!

  Marites wrote @

wow! tsaraaap! lalo na with kanin! yes, we can xlinks..just tell me after you’re done adding me:) and i’ll add you up. do u play tennis? kasi, you got some tennis posts here:) i play tennis on Sundays lang:)

  kanau wrote @

hello..happy Wednesday blogging here…

i haven’t tried tiger prawns yet but i always love prawns..i bet it tastes equally delicious…

  RIP666 wrote @

delicious hmmm….

  rose wrote @

sarap naman! I love seafoods! Thanks for dropping by my site.. Can we xlink?

  pchi wrote @

wow! my favorite… saan yan, pa harvest din?


  lisa wrote @

Hello visiting you here…that’s really yummy, I think the soup on that are yummy too especially they are fresh…

  Shareen[kiss & tell] wrote @

hi..sure we can exchange links! i will add you up! i will send a comment when im done adding you up! Sharee

  A Grateful Heart wrote @

yummm! charap! grabe… I love shrimps!

  marvierhose wrote @

wow yummy …………………

was doing my rounds… hope to see you in my blog… tc

  mr tiger prawn wrote @

Hey i luv tiger prawns…caught 1 d oder day .am frm Goa

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