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I got PR 3!

Yes, it was hard to believe but when I check my page rank today it shows that I got PR 3. Wow. After only two months of blogging in this wordpress blog finally I got a PR. It was more than what I expected.

I  make a post sometimes only in this blog and in fact I don’t have enough visitors to make a PR but how come? Well, can’t think the fact that maybe GOOGLE loves me! yepey..whewwww..

Thanks a lot Google for making me a PR 3 blog. For those who haven’t got any page rank yet, better luck next time! lol

Thanks to all! kaguvkov really rockz!



  chethan wrote @

buddy how to get a PR can you give me some tips please.

  herlan wrote @

Congratulation my friend

  rose wrote @

Good for you, keep it up..

Added u already… Hope u do the same, pls let me know ok..

  Babette wrote @

Hey, congrats ha, dalawa na blog mo with PR, ako nawalan ng PR. 😦 Thanks for the visit in my food blog. Pa-add naman blogs ko, I’ll add urs too.

Definitely Maybe!
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