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Lakers or Celtics?

It’s hard to imagine that both of these teams have meet again. These two teams have a rich nba history to trace back. The Celtics franchise won 16 nba titles while the Lakers won 14 nba titles. In this years encounter, it would be a rematch from a long time ago when this two teams have meet each other 21 years ago, that was 1987 when the lakers win it in a 4-2 series. Magic Johnson was named MVP at that series.

Celtics lead the series now after beating Lakers in game 1 in a score of 98 – 88. The Celtics survive game 1 playing for their homecourt. For the Lakers, It was only game 1 and there are 6 more games left for the finals. We will watch out on game 2 if what would be the adjustments coming from the Lakers camp.

So, who’s gonna win? whats your prediction? Is it Lakers? or Celtics who is hungry for a championship title?!


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